Cities of Ayreon

There are several major cities across the face of Ayreon, two of which serve as hometowns for players, five for which we provide maps here online. Midgaard, Keishi and Belarion serve as the hometowns for mortals - more are planned. The other cities serve as places to explore, as alternatives to finding equipment and quests, and for providing atmosphere. We describe each of these briefly in the next few sections. You may also click on the link below to go to a graphical map of Midgaard and cities near it.


   Map of Midgaard and Nearby Cities


The venerable city of Midgaard is a DIKU standard. Dawn of the Ages (DoA) has kept the city as close as possible to the original, adding some temples within and trails without, making the transition to DoA as easy as possible for players from other worlds. We provide a general map of the city in the link below.


   Map of the City of Midgaard


The city of Belarion forms the center of the lands of Belarion. The city and its surroundings are rich in characters and in quests, and provide a springboard to the rest of the world. Found east of New Thalos, the city is one of two hometowns on Ayreon, but can be reached by boat over the Dragon Sea.


   Map of the City of Belarion


Home to the clan of Callador, the city of Korum is a heavily guarded fortress rising south of the forests of Miden'nir. It provides a buttress for the lands to the north against the orcs and cave trolls to its south, and as a check on the power of wizards who attempt to overtake the wolrd.


   Map of the City of Korum

New Thalos

Rising above the shifting dunes of the Sands of Sorrow, the city of New Thalos is the gateway to the world, connecting the merchant routes running through Midgaard and all lands west with the sea routes to Belarion and the islands of Ishikawa. Its populace is a holy people, filled both with religious awe and base superstition, rules over by a Sultan decnded from kings of old.


   Map of the City of New Thalos


Udgaard lies in the mountains north of Midgaard. An old city, its populace tends to evil ways, thievery and assassination and sacrifice. Only the hidden halls of the Underdark are thought to be worse.


   Map of the City of Udgaard


Keishi is the capital city of the continent Seichi. It harbours not only the imperial palace and the main temple of the city patroness Daghyld, it also provides, on the outskirts and slums, a breeding pit for those usually being outcasts from society.


   Map of the Imperial City of Keishi