Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to answer questions we missed in the Introduction to Mudding and the Adventurer's Guide to Ayreon, we list more questions below with more information. If we do not answer your question here, you might have a look at the online helps. If that fails, feel free to write to the immortals. The questions we answer are:

   1. How does the stat system work?
   2. How does a new player find an area to level at?
   3. How does one join a clan?
   4. How do I write notes?
   5. What happens when I die?
   6. What is the bug command and the typo command?

How does the stat system work?

The value of each statistic can be in the range of 1 to 100. There are no racial max values. The racial effect comes into the calculation with the race bonus. First, a bonus (or malus) is calculated out of the stat value. This can be from -25 to +25. Then the race bonus is added onto that. This result is the total stat bonus in that statistic. And this bonus is added on appropriate skills, helping the character. For example a high intelligence can be a good idea when you want to become a mage, because the skill cast depends highly on intelligence. Most skills are influenced by more than one stat bonus, making it not too easy to decide which statistic one should raise with that precious train.

How does a new player find an area to level at?

Here are some general directions to low level areas:

Dwarven DayCare - Go out the North Gate of Midgaard, head into the plains then to the north beyond the Gallows into the mountains. Moria lies almost directly north of the Midgaard North Gate, and when you enter its valley, the first right in the valley leads to the mines of the dwarves. The daycare is at the southern end of the dwarf stronghold.

Miden'nir - Go south out of the South Gate in Midgaard. Watch out for the aggressive goblins.

Shire - Go west out of the Western Gate of Midgaard, take the second north.

Consult your maps if you get lost, these are just a few of the areas for you to go to. In addition to these areas, there are low level things to kill in most of the cities.

How does one join a clan?

First of all, you have to live by the philosophy of the clan you want to join. For example, if you want to join a clan of holy men and women, who have vowed never to kill a living thing, and you run around and kill everyone in your range, your chances to get inducted would fall very deep.

Then write a roleplay note to the clan. The note should depict your reasons for joining the clan - and it should not be what everyone writes. Try to be creative, then your chances of admittance will rise. After that, the clanmaster of the chosen clan will give you a quest, if he deems you worthy. When you solved it, he or she will induct you into the clan.

How do I write notes?

The notes in Dawn of the Ages replace the bulletin boards and mail systems found on many other mud. To read notes, use these commands:

note list show all notes (unread notes are marked with an N)
note read either by number, or read next to read unread notes
note remove removes a note that you wrote or are the target of
note catchup marks all notes as read

To write notes, use these commands:

note to        sets the to line (playername, clanname, immortal, or all)
note subject   sets the subject for a new note
note +         adds a line to a new note (i.e. note + hi guys!)
note -         remove a line from a note in progress
note clear     erase a note in progress
note show      shows the note you are working on
note post      posts a new note. This MUST be done to post a note.

When you log in, you will be informed if there are unread notes waiting. Type note read to scroll through them one at a time. Four other note directories exist, these are ideas, news, changes, and penalties (gods only). They are used the exact same way, for example idea read 5 will read idea number 5. Posting to the news and changes boards is restricted. The unread command can be used to show your unread notes on all the note spools.

What happens when I die?

When you die, your spirit leaves your corpse and returns to the pit in Midgaard or Belarion. The gods give you a new body there, but of course without your equipment. If you want to have your equipment back, there are two ways: You can simply stand at the pit for about 15 minutes. Your equipment will then repop into the pit, where you can get it from. But this only happens if noone took your equipment from your corpse in that time. So, if you know where you died, you should hurry to that place and regain your equipment from your dead corpse. After you died, the gods protect you for about 3 minutes. In that time noone can hurt you. But 3 minutes can be over fast, so be fast.

What is the bug command and the typo command?

If you find any bugs or typos, please report them. You do that with the bug command for bugs, and with the typo command for typos. Just type "bug " at the prompt, and after you hit enter it will be saved for the immortals to work on that. The typo command works just the same way. The room you are standing in is logged with the message, so you do not need to describe the room you are in. But try to be descriptive concerning the bug you found. A message like 'Here's something wrong.' does not help much.