A clan is an organization of players united in a common cause. Each clan has its own rules and regulations, which you can learn about below and through play on Dawn of the Ages (DoA). To join a clan you must be at least level 12 and no higher than level 25. Speak to a clan leader or one of its members about the details of joining.

Joining a clan can be a dangerous step. Although all clans have a non-aggressive branch dedicated to furthering the cause without fighting other characters, these characters, too, will do their best to assist in the clan wars. Many adventurers live to kill and torture others and chances are that your paths will cross.

Choose your clan wisely! Once you choose your clan, the decision is for the life of your character. You cannot change clans once you have joined one. Also know that applying to more than one clan may mean you are not accepted by any clan should they learn of your other applications.

There are many benefits and a couple drawbacks to joining a clan. You immediately gain friends and associates who are part of the clan, who will likely assist you is futhering the cause. Each clan has a special hideout to call home, all of them with their own clan donation pit and a shopkeeper that sells items only clan members can use. There is also a special item within the clan that bestows special powers on the clan's members, powers specific to purpose of the clan. Of course, losing this item means a loss in powers, which encourages clan members to protect the item at all cost. A change in your character's experience requirement goes into effect as well, which you can discover by typing 'expmath' at the prompt.

Currently there are seven clans dedicated to a cause on DoA. This cause is the sole purpose uniting the clan, and its members strive to bring about this purpose. The clans are:

"Light"        - Ofcol        "Shadow"         - Tarealen    
"Inquisition"  - Antheum      "Dark Crusaders" - Lokatar     
"Battle"       - Callador     "Magic"          - Pentacle    
"Judges"       - New Thalos    

New clans may be formed by petitioning the immortals. Please remember that their word is final on all matters not covered by this help.

In order to join a Clan you have to write an application to this particular clan. See "help application" online for more information.

One final note: You may not have characters in directly opposing clans. While having more than one character is fine, having a character in a directly opposing clan is frowned on. Don't do it.

Below are more details about the clans.


The members of the clan 'Antheum' have dedicated their lives to seek out and destroy all evil in the lands. They aren't too particular with their methods in achieving their ultimate aim: a world free of any wicked and sinister. They frown upon people who have chosen the path of neutrality. Often fanatical, they accuse everyone without a good alignment of being a probable, if not potential, ally of evil. On the other hand, they expect every good-aligned individual to assist them wherever it is required.

Due to this, the clan of Antheum and its patron god Shorkam are not nearly as popular among the common people as the clan of Ofcol. Actually, most people are suspicious of Antheum because it is well known that its followers do not even blench from torture to get badly needed information or the like from its victims. Rumor spreads that they even raise the dead in order to let them fight for the "good and pure at heart".

Antheum accepts any good aligned profession/class in their ranks.


The great clan of Callador resides in the southern city of Korum, considered by Calladorians to the best place in all of Ayreon. The Calladorians are a society of strong warriors, who live for the fight. It is a rough society, where good beer, good friendship and a good fight are the highest standards. The clan of Callador also protects the city of Korum from malevolent outsiders, although Callador is one of the neutral clans. The god Vorgen holds his hands above these fierce warriors, who always entertain the god of war with their frequent battles. Many a bard has found his best storylines among the tales of an old Calladorian, although noone can ever verify the story.

"Callador lives for battle" - these four words best define this clan. Callador accepts any warrior, rogue or ranger, regardless of the alignment. The applicant has to be a weaponsmaster of some reputation, however.


The Judges have their headquarters in the vicinity of New Thalos. As Digna's main force of lawkeepers they are highly respected by most citizens of Ayreon. Their task is to ensure the safety of cities and other civilized areas. Whenever the laws are broken - not everyone takes a liking to the ideas of equal treatment, justice, or other people owning riches - in those cases the Judges will intervene and seek to punish the lawbreaker. As their task is a hard one, and they oppose all while protecting everyone, they do not really have an opposing clan or foe. Thus they are practically spared from the clanwars and can maintain a neutral role.

A side-note: Attacking a judge inside his realms is not only foolish, it is deadly.

No followers of Sscis, Oonouyugh or Jorrod may join the Judges. No rogue or necromancer may join the Judges. No skaven or daemon may join the Judges. All others are not so restricted.


Ofcol is a mixed bag of sorts, an organization of good-sligned and neutral characters devoted to the spread of peace over the face of Ayreon. Rumor has it, however, that Ofcol serves a more secretive purpose, though few know what it may be and its members aren't exactly saying. The clan is patronized by three of the world's goddesses, Arduna, Celawyn, and Wyome, but is home to anyone who would undetake the cause of peace. They are the blood enemy of the clan of intrigue, Tarealen, whom they have opposed since history was first written. They have no central city, though they once were a part of the city of Ofcol, and now reside in the wilds at some unknown location.

The clan will admit most anyone of good or neutral alignment. Crimson elves are barred from this clan.


The legions of Kulthis, Lord of Blood and Ravage, founded the City of Lokatar. In the fights for predomination of the world, this city, rumored to be the first city of mankind, had a great position for a long while. It was the heart of the realms of darkness. New spells were invented here, necromancers sought entrance into the planes of the dark and the greatest horrors of the long tale soon found a dwelling close to this godforsaken sight.

During this time Kulthis rose to a more powerful position, his archfoe Shorkam vanished from Ayeron without trace, the dark fathers glory spread quickly. With the promise of wealth and power many joined the side of darkness and the temples surrounding the area boomed. Lest all comes to a fall. So did the great city.

Shorkam's return was imminent and with his appearance on this plane. The forces of good felt new, fresh blood filling their veins. Combining their weakened armies they reached the lands of Lokatar in the shortest time possible. Nothing could save the proud and rich city.

With the storms and rains of fire incubed by Shorkam's clerics and the templars of the inquisition on hand, the glory of Lokatar came to an abrupt end.

And so did the Clan of Lokatar.

Only few know that there is an abode saved in this place, where the Lord of Darkness's sanctuary is guarded while he gains more and more might once more...

Lokatar accepts any evil mind within its ranks.


Pentacle is a community consisting of the most experienced and the most promising magicians in the world of Ayreon. Most of the time they live seclude in the High Tower of Magic, working on forbidden experiments, or researching tomes written in tongues of long dead civilizations. Sometimes, however, they leave their Tower in order to explore the world, to gather information about newly discovered areas, to seek out lost artifacts and to rediscover the means of enhancing their already-formidible magical powers.

The typical follower of Pentacle is rather introverted, though some of the greatest wizard-heroes of Ayreon have started their career in their ranks. Common people regard them being a bit arrogant and snobbish, sometimes even diabolic, because of their unknown studies. But most people respect them, as Pentacle only very seldomly intervenes in the daily affairs of the "ordinary" world. However, the Archmage of Pentacle commands powers unmatched in the mortal world, and not even the rulers of the greatest kingdoms would dare to refuse "advice" from the Hightower of Sorcery.

Pentacle accepts any profession that use magic primarily, such as wizards, clerics of Oneirion, necromancers, etc. They usually do not care about the alignment of their followers.


Intrigue. Expect the unexpected from a Shadow. Seldom visible to the rest of the world, Tarealen has made for itself a name as the most unreliable partner in the history of Ayreon. They have broken virtually any treaty as soon as it was to their advantage, the only true goal they pursue being the accumulation of power. Thus the clan grew to be a thorn in the side of all that seek to live unified, including, of course, the clan of peace that goes by the name of Ofcol. Members of this clan are the only ones who can truly see behind the curtain of Shadow posed by Tarealen and thus are the primary target for the masters of deception.

Being a center for all who wish to gain in power, Tarealen stands open to any evil or neutral person recruiting anyone useful enough for the dark city and the spread of their rule. Only high elves, because of their strong cultural distaste for base ideals, and good aligns will not (and cannot) apply.

Know, too, that a Tarealen in the group can be a hazardous experiment, but one has to find out for himself...