Dawn of the Ages (DoA) is a mix both of stock areas and original areas. Many of the stock areas have been modified to reflect DoA standards, changing the powers and limitations of certain objects, replacing old or adding new mobs, adding colors, and so on. Some stock areas are heavily modified versions of the originals, hardly recognizable but still easy to navigate. A few stock areas have been rewritten from scratch entirely, like the lands east and north of venerable city of Midgaard.

DoA also boasts dozens of original areas. Clan houses, temples, new cities, new lands, there are plenty of places to roam and explore. Many of these areas use the nuances on DoA only, like random encounters and mixed populations, and the different varieties of quests.

Below we give a partial listing of the areas on Dawn of the Ages.

Area List

The Ancient Woods                      Judge Tunnels
The Arena                              The Keep of Mahn-Tor
The Astral Plane                       The Keep of the Warlock
The Battlefield of Sekigahara          Land of the Rising Sun
Belarion                               Losengrad
The Carnival                           Miden'nir
The Casino                             Midgaard
Castle Stormcloud                      Midgaard Temple Road
The Caves of the Orcs                  The Misty Woods
Cavern of Heroes                       Mordor
The Circle Of Magic                    Moria
City of Korum                          New Thalos
Dangerous Neighborhood                 The Northern Mountains
Darathorn's Pit                        Ofcol
Dark Mountain                          Old Marsh
Dark Tower                             Old Thalos
Dark Woods                             Olympus
Desert of Khanae                       Parlanor
Dhagholog's Temple                     The Plains North of Midgaard
Dragon Sea                             The Plains of Sekigahara
Elemental Canyon                       The Plains of Udgaard
Emerald Forest                         The Red Beer Inn
The Fisher Village of Ishikawa         The Santa Anna
The Forest Road                        The Schaffenfest
Fortress Ishikawa                      The Sewers
The Frozen Wastes                      Shamrock's Cafe
Goblin Stronghold                      The Shire
Goblin Village                         The Temple of Anue
The Halls of Clan Antheum              The Temple of Daghyld
The Halls of Clan Callador             Temple of Morruin
The Halls of Clan Judges               Temple of Oonouyugh
The Halls of Clan Lokatar              Temple of Sscis
The Halls of Clan Ofcol                The Temple of Shorkam
The Halls of Clan Pentacle             Temple of Wyome
The Halls of Clan Tarealen             The Tower of Training
Haon Dor                               Trollslayer Stronghold
Haven Lake                             UnderDark
High Tower of Sorcery                  Velenia
The Isle of Bon Lon                    Vale of Shadows
The Isle of Sogon                      The Windmill