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Dawn of the Ages is a text-based roleplaying game set in the world of Ayreon. Known as a (M)ulti-(U)ser (D)ungeon, or MUD, Dawn of the Ages (DoA) is a fantasy realm set in a medieval theme, replete with familiar and far-away lands, creatures daunting and exotic, and magic galore. Players can choose from a variety of races, classes, careers, and religions, and use these to achieve the heights of power. They may join the various clans that rule the lands of Ayreon with a steely fist, enhancing their already formidable abilities. Combining these abilities with the rare objects and artefacts found at all four corners of the world, it is possible for players to match the might of the gods themselves.

Dawn of the Ages is not a world for the timid, however. DoA optionally offers a great player-killing system, meaning no place - no town, no church, no abandoned dungeon - is safe from the daily killing spree. Clanwars are a constant of life, racial strife is commonplace, and thieves are everywhere. The only hope of respite is power, earned with time and patience, or seized by the daring and the hard-nosed. As the famed sage once yelled, "Carpe Diem!", to which a dwarven trollslayer had reputedly added, "Especially her riches!!"

Players are not the only challenge. Dawn of the Ages is rich with intricate quests, reaching from the search for long-forgotten treasure to world-expanding adventures. There's the famed Arena of eastern Midgaard, where even the toughest warriors will meet their match. And the player who finds herself at the height of mortal power will discover there's legendary races one might reincarnate into. The possibilities are as rich as they are rewarding.

So watch every step you take, breathe light with the knowledge that life is an uncertainty, and you might find yourself lost in the fantasy that is the Dawn of a New Age...

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